We make Belts to Help you Lift Heavy.

Crush your PR's, grow as an athlete, and have fun while you do it. Learn more about why athletes around the world are loving our belts!


Best Sellers

Our best selling straight belt is the official belt of The NOBULL CrossFit Games.

A Weightlifting Belts Help To:

  • Prevent back pain.

Reduce stress on your lower back.

Prevent back hyperextension during overhead lifts.

Provide core support when lifting 85% or more of your max weight.


Our straight belt is by far our most popular belt and is the NOBULL CrossFit Games. At 4" in width, it is CrossFit and weightlifting approved and provides the support you need without going too far in to middle of your back.



Our petite belts are perfect for smaller torso'd athletes, and particularly small females. Sometimes the 4" straight belt can ride in to the bottom of the rib cage if you have a small torso, so the 3" Petite Belt eliminates that problem.


Why 2POOD Belts?

The combination of velcro and our WODClamp lets you quickly transition from heavy lifts to agile gymnastics and back again.

Our belts provide the lower back and core support you need to feel confident to go after your next PR.

Our WODClamp provides security so you can know that your belt won't pop.

Whether you like simple, flashy, camo, or anything in between, we've designed a belt for you.