We Don't Quit by Craig Richey 4" Weightlifting Belt

"We Don't Quit" - Through the good days and bad days, it's a mentality. Whether life is flowing or not, it's a reminder to keep focus, stay grounded, know it takes time, and keep stepping forward. 

✔️ Support your core as you lift heavy

✔️ Transition easily between movements

✔️ Stay confidently locked in with our WODClamp™

Size: XXXS

A weightlifting belt is worn around the waist to provide support and stability to the lower back and core during heavy lifts. It reminds you to brace and engage your core, and it's an essential piece of training equipment for any athlete hoping to improve their strength.


✔️ Support your core and protect your back on squats, deadlifts, snatches, and cleans

✔️ Stay comfortable and never pinch as you go for your next PR

✔️ Stay easily locked in as you transition between lifts & movements


🚫 Fix poor form

🚫 Replace a weak core

🚫 Only work if you're a professional or elite level athlete


You should use a weightlifitng belt on lifts that engage your core such as squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, and snatches.

2. 80% RULE

We recommend using a weightlifting belt when you are lifting heavy.Heavy is relative, and we usually define this as 80% of your max lift in any of the above core lifts.


Even if you're lifting less than 80% of your one-rep max, belts are often worn when doing high number of repetitive movements under load.


A weightlifting belt should be worn securely above your hips and below your ribs, centered around your belly button for maximum engagement.


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We believe in our belts, so we warranty the velcro for one year. Repeated use and heavy strain is bound to wear out velcro over time, but we use premium velcro that can handle the strain. Use of the WODClamp greatly improves the longevity of the velcro.




Weightlifting belts provide lower back and core support, security, and stability when squatting, deadlifting, and lifting heavy. Whether you're a CrossFit athlete, Olympic lifter, powerlifter, or everyday athlete, weightlifting belts are essential training equipment. Our belts are certified as the Official Belt of USA Weightlifting.

There are different recommendations depending on skill/training level, but many coaches and athletes agree that belts can be used once an athlete has properly learned how to brace their core and can begin incorporating a weightlifting belt when attempting lifts above 80% of their current 1RM. 

To properly use a weightlifting belt you have to make sure your size is correct. Once you have the correct size you can place the belt around your belly button, ABOVE THE HIPS (unlike a belt to hold up your pants), and take the velcro strap around and through the WODclamp/fastening buckle. Once through the WODClamp suck in your core and tighten for solid support. 

Click the size guide above to find the right fit for you.

Most athletes prefer the 4" Weightlifting Belt. The 3" Petite Belt is designed for athletes with particularly short torso's and small hip-to-rib ratios. If you have a small torso and wear a 4" belt, you may feel the belt ride up into or over your ribs and not fit properly or comfortably. In these instances, we recommend our 3" belts.

Absolutely! We offer custom belts where you can customize the trim, embroidery, patterns, and color of your belt. Check out our custom belts here.

The WODClamp is our spin on the velcro belt fastener. The WODClamp allows you to: 1. Extend the life of your velcro by taking pressure off of your velcro strap. 2. Allows for extra security to eliminate the chances of your belt falling off during a lift. 3. Allows the belt to stay on you throughout the workout by allowing you to tighten and loosen your belt without it fall off!


Yes! We ship all over the world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2231 reviews

perrrrfection! :)

Great belt, fun pattern!

Love the support this belt provides.
Signed, someone who has had back surgery

Laurie Hohmann
Great belt, fun pattern!

Love the support of this belt. Sincerely, someone who has had back surgery

Mark Cosenza
Not just for lifting weights.

My wife and myself live in the western mountains, long cold winters. Thus, to keep warm we cut, split, and burn 10 cords of each winter. I'm 72 and will turn 73 in September she is a youthful 64. We needed a belt that would stabilize our lower backs. Your belts have met the task. Thank You.
Mark & Margaret

Mario Simard
Great belt!

Great belt with great designs!
Stuff and supports well, but comfortable.
Quick to loosen and tight back during WOD's that include weightlifting and metcon work. Highly recommend!